Dharma Talk

In January we will continue our series of inquiring deeply into the asanas that make up a big part of our yoga practices. This month we will focus on collections of postures that have been coordinated into what we know as Sun Salutations or Sūryanamaskārs. These Vinyasas (Suryanamaskar A, B and C as well as the Classical Sun Salutation) have their roots in ancient Vedic texts but, in reality, were put into the forms that we would recognize as recently as the 1920’s. The ancient writings described practices done at sunrise to greet the new day and to honor the life-giving properties of the Sun. In one form or another we have all “saluted the sun” here at Lotus In The Pines and at other yoga venues where we may have practiced. The sequences may contain anywhere from ten to as many as twenty separate postures. Depending on the teacher (and the teacher’s mood) Suryanamaskar can be a gentle, flowing, graceful sequence that is aligned with inhalations and exhalations that is calming and centering or it can be an invigorating cardio workout that gets the blood pumping and the sweat rolling. Additionally, there can also be a variety of standing and/or balancing postures added into Sun Salutations at the discretion of the teacher. During the month we will take a close look at the dynamics of all the sun Salutations and how the human body can safely and effectively engage these vinyasas. When done with proper alignment and focus there is hardly a muscle or muscle group in the body that is not involved in Suryanamaskar. It is truly the gateway into a deeper understanding of the bodymind/spirit unity.

It is with the most profound gratitude that we welcome all of you to continue this awakening journey with us here at Lotus In The Pines. It will be early in the new decade (2022) that we will celebrate twenty years practicing with you. You continue to inspire us to explore new avenues of self discovery, to see more clearly what we are all about, to begin to understand how all things are just part of one larger wholeness. Thank you all from the deepest part of our hearts. Namaste. Om Namah Shivaya. Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Richard and Scotti

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